In Los Angeles we are in the midst of Awards Season 2018. It began on January 7th with the Golden Globes and will culminate on March 5th with the 90th Annual Academy Awards. We are proud to say we get invited to all of the award show…curbs…to drop off and pick up clients. In the spirit of award season, here are six interesting facts about the red carpet. We’re talking about THE red carpet–the one used at the Oscars.

  1. It’s made in Georgia at a secret location.
  2. The color is called Academy Red and is more of a burgundy than a red.
  3. The Red Carpet measures 50,000 square feet, is delivered in sections, requires 18 workers and 900 man hours to install.
  4. The Red Carpet tradition is not that old. The first Red Carpet to be walked before the Oscars ceremony was in 1961.
  5. The Red Carpet has it’s own security detail to keep anyone from snipping off a piece as a souvenir.
  6. It is never reused. Each Red Carpet is destroyed after the awards ceremony. How it’s destroyed is also a secret.