Jet lag is one of the unfortunate drawbacks of long distance travel. There’s nothing worse than finally landing in your dream local and spending the next three days adjusting to the time change. Some studies say to resist the urge to nap, even if you’re exhausted after a long flight, and stick to the day/night schedule of the country you’re visiting. Others suggest Melatonin. How does a three minute jet lag cure sound?

Before rejoicing, please note, that the three minutes will be spent nearly naked in a cryotherapy chamber—which is 166 degrees below zero. Yikes.

Cryotherapy is believed to help reduce stress, improve sleep disorders, help athletes recover from muscle pain and improve the symptoms of jet lag.

One facility that offers this therapy is Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. Their cryotherapy sessions begin with a medical questionnaire to make sure the participant is healthy enough for arctic conditions. Participants are then asked to put on a face mask, slippers and a sweatband to cover ears—and a bathing suit. No snuggly robe.

The first part is the “warm up”, (pun intended) of ten seconds in a chamber that is only -76 degrees F. Then the participants push through to the colder main chamber. The maximum time allowed in that chamber is 3 minutes.

Bye bye jet lag—supposedly.