First-class and business-class travelers you’re in for a treat. Airlines are catering to you by adding elite features such as special entrances for check-in, shuttle rides in high-end cars and renovated lounges.

Delta airlines just completed a $229-million revamp of its terminal at LAX. It includes a private entrance for premium travelers in a new category they are calling “Delta One”. These travelers might be hoping to dodge paparazzi or just have access to free snacks and an expedited security checkpoint where reception and ambiance have been modernized. (A reception desk is made up of parts of a retired DC-9.) Delta has also employed a sommelier to match wines with onboard meals for first class flyers. Tres chic!

United Airlines recently started handing out amenity bags to their VIP travelers which include skin care products from London’s exclusive Soho House & Co. United Airlines also recently started shuttling their VIPs in between terminals in Mercedes Benz.

Always wanted to meet Mary Poppins? Etihad Airways is now offering nannies trained in England to pamper children on long flights.

Other premium amenities popping up at different airlines are lay-flat seats with direct access to aisles, touch screen entertainment systems and revamped lounges at airports that feature showers, cocktail bars and specialty foods.

For economy fliers there is still good news. Many airlines are ordering aircraft that include charging outlets for all seats, wireless Internet and better entertainment systems. Some airlines (United, American and Delta) are restoring free wine and beer for economy travelers on long flights.

We say cheers to that.