baggage claim

Air travel can be stressful especially at a hub like LAX. The last thing a traveler wants to do after getting off a flight is worry about their ride home. At Excelsior Limousine our job is to make airport pickups as seamless as possible. To do that Excelsior Limousine drivers follow a very specific protocol. Here are the steps they take:

  1. Drivers communicate with Excelsior Limousine dispatchers through a smart phone driver’s APP. Dispatchers track drivers in real time and keep an eye out for three driver’s status updates. ENROUTE, ON LOCATION and POB (Passenger On Board).
  2. While flights are updated automatically in the Excelsior Limousine system, drivers are responsible for updating flights themselves 3 hours prior, 1 hour prior and on their way to the airport.
  3. LAX requires limousine operators to purchase a trip ticket for each and every airport pickup. The trip ticket booth is located at a remote holding lot. Drivers must allow extra time to wait in the queue to purchase their trip ticket, park and make their spot time.
  4. Spot time is fifteen minutes prior to wheels down.
  5. Before entering the meet and greet area drivers polish their vehicles and make sure they are attired properly.
  6. With multiple passengers, drivers usually pick up a luggage cart for passenger’s luggage.
  7. Drivers change their status to ON LOCATION once they are in the terminal. Passengers automatically receive a text with the driver’s name and contact number.
  8. Drivers stand where their sign can be seen clearly.
  9. Once contact is made, drivers escort passengers to baggage claim, handle all luggage and lead passengers to the vehicle.
  10. Drivers change status to POB once passengers are in the vehicle, then provide a safe and elegant ride to passenger’s destination.