Do you need a little help staying on track with your workout when you’re traveling? If you have a smart phone you need not worry. Your workout is only an app away (or do what we do on vacation–eat, sleep and enjoy leisure).

But for die hard exercisers here is a list of apps that will keep you on track…literally.

FitSpot: This nifty app allows you to order a nearby personal trainer. Yes, a fitness specialist will show up that day to work you out whether it’s cross fit, yoga, pilates, tennis or weight lifting.

Workouts run about $59 for an hour and discount packages are available. Just go to “fit-spot on iTunes and Android.

Runtastic Leg Trainer

A little avatar appears on your screen and takes you through toning and strengthening leg exercises. No equipment needed. If you’re short on time, there’s a 7 minute workout. If you like more burn, there’s a 24 minute one. And it’s free. Go to


Pocket Yoga

The only thing not included in this yoga workout is the mat. This app features 27 sessions with 200 poses. You get to work at your own pace and there is detailed instruction. The only challenge is trying to watch your device when you’re in a down dog.

It costs only $2.99 and can be found at

Limo Lux

We are just making this up but why not use our app (“excelsiorlimo” at the Google or Apple store) to book one of our luxury sedans or SUVs to or from the airport. Feel free to leg lift, arm curl or just relax through the whole ride.