Guess who’s getting a “cuddle class” luxury option on American Airline flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York? Your pup! If you fly first class on one of American Airlines’ fleet of A321T planes, your pet will also be able to fly first class—or “cuddle class” in a compartment near your seat. You’ll still have to pay the pet carry-on fee (which is almost nothing compared to your first class ticket), but there are no more costs beyond that fee. And the only other stipulation is that your pet needs to be able to fit in a 19” by 13” carrier.

Your “cuddle class” compartment may be reserved at the same time you’re booking your own flight. The best part is you’ll never have to try to explain again to your furry family member why you’ve zipped her into a bag and pushed her under a seat and won’t let her stay on your lap even though she’s giving you her best boo boo face from behind the mesh window.

At Excelsior Limousine we’ve always provided cuddle class luxury transportation for you and your furry family members. Before booking your ride be sure to ask Fifi if she’s okay with a sedan or if she’d prefer to be upgraded to an SUV