Want to save money and water washing your car? Why not ditch the automated car wash–those car air fresheners in the little kiosks never smell as good as the picture. Wash your car at home to same money and water.  Here are some tips to get the best results and save the most water.  In this age of drought shaming, water saving tips are key.

1. Don’t use dish soap. It may be convenient but dish soap can leave a film or dull and damage the paint. Buy a product that is made specifically for washing cars. You can find a nice selection of car cleaning products at an auto parts store like O’Reilly Auto Parts.

2. Do use a bucket of water, instead of a hose at this point to save water. First, rinse the car off to get dust and debris off the surface of the car. The debris can cause scratches when you start scrubbing if not removed first.

3. Do use a soft sponge or a mitt to apply the cleaner onto the car. Generously apply the cleanser.

4. Do rinse the car off by starting at the top of the car. Fill up buckets of water and rinse away.

5. Do dry the car off with a soft cloth or micro fiber cloth. Air drying may leave water spots.

6. Do invest in a dust brush made especially for cars. Dusting off your vehicle every other day or two can extend a car wash by days or even weeks.


Happy Splashing!