Remember the days of dial up? We try not to think about that dark time in history when WiFi didn’t exist and waiting to connect to the internet was interminable. Now the challenge of connecting while traveling is finding good WiFi. Are you looking for the key to good WiFi while traveling?

We’ve got five tips.

  1. Check WiFi strength in your hotel room before you unpack

Smartphones and Kindles have built in network finders. Check signal strength before you unzip your suitcase. If signal strength is weak request a room closer to the router.

  1. If not traveling solo, check to make sure the “free” WiFi allows more than one device to be connected

If the free WiFi does not allow for more than one device, check out  It turns your phone or your PC into a router.

  1. Take advantage of a good signal when you can

The WiFi in your room rocks? Consider working until the very last minute before you need to check out or request a late checkout.

  1. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails

Clean up your inbox before you leave. Unsubscribe from time wasting emails. With limited WiFi you won’t want to spend your time sorting through unnecessary information.

  1. Take a WiFi break

Honestly, we don’t think we could every do that. However, we have heard of some brave souls who leave the devices behind and enjoy the peace and quiet only being disconnected can offer. At least that’s what we hear.

Do you have any WiFi tricks that we haven’t mentioned? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments section below.