Wine Photo

The summer has arrived and that means it the beginning of food and wine festival season. So once you’ve hired your designated driver (us! us!) here are a few pointers about how to get the most out of a food festival.

1. Clothing. Dress for comfort and be prepared. We’re talking sunglasses, a hat, a cross body bag (to keep hands free for noshing), sun block and maybe elastic waist pants.

2. Get a map of the festival. Pin point key locations like restrooms, first aid and your favorite vendors.

3. Extras. Do you want to meet celebrity chefs, take a cooking class, enjoy cocktails in a VIP lounge. These special events tend to sell out quickly. Either buy tickets early or arrive at the festival early to get on the “list”.

4. Biggest bang. If you have a festival buddy, consider initially hitting up different lines for a variety of foods then reconvening to eat.

5. Sip then nip. Spicy foods may affect your ability to taste wine. So sip first, nip after.

PS: Check out our Food Festival Guide Blog published earlier this month.

PPS: If you ever get a chance to taste Excelsior Wine (see above photo) it’s pretty darned good. No, we aren’t vintners, we just happened to find a wine with the same name as our company. It’s from South Africa. We have built in executive gifts. Pretty nifty.