Nothing is free anymore right? Wrong. Here are 6 free perks that may sweeten your hotel stay:

Hyatt: This hotel’s Stay Fitness Program offers guests GPS watches to check out so you don’t get lost while running or biking.

Marriott: Don’t want to pack your Hi Def GoPro? Book a stay at a participating Marriott and you can borrow a complimentary Go Pro. Make your own travel videos without the bulk of equipment.

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts:  (We want to stay here just to partake of this unique free perk) Rosewood Hotels and Resorts offers a 24-hour fragrance butler. A silver tray laden with various fragrances and colognes will be brought to your room. It’s a way to test out new scents without having to take a trip to a department store.

Sheraton: Gym-In-A-Bag. If you don’t want to got to the fitness center, Sheraton hotels will bring you a bag so you can exercise in the comfort of your own room. The bag contains  an exercise book, a mat, resistance band, massage stick and a foam roller. We don’t get the massage stick—but it’s a free loan so who cares.

Kimpton: Pet Friendly. Kimpton hotels will let you check in your pet at no extra cost. You may request complimentary doggie beds, food, bowls and a list of parks and groomers.

Also at Kimpton: You can borrow a goldfish for your room and they have a nightcap program that lets you have a free evening drink—like port, brandy and cognac as well as cookies, cheese and other treats.

Fairmont: Special Treatment. If you sign up for the Fairmont Hotel’s loyalty program you can qualify fo get free stuff that may include internet access, helth club use, shoe shines as well as loaner BMW bikes and TaylorMade golf clubs.

We can’t decide between the fragrances or the goldfish.