Imagine an LAX airport experience which includes perks like valet service, a private suite, complimentary massages and hassle free security–among other things. This is not a fantasy. This experience now exists at LAX at the Private VIP Terminal which opened in May 2017. The stand alone terminal is located along LAX’s south runway and is the brainchild of Gavin de Becker and Associates–a firm with many years of experience in concierge services.

At the private terminal VIPs can expect white glove treatment, privacy and utmost luxury. No dealing with luggage. No problems with paparazzi. No security delays. There are several suite options for members that include perks like a pet-friendly suite with access to an outdoor patio and a family-friendly room with prearranged custom toy selection.

The luxury is pricey but worth it for certain travelers including celebrities, dignitaries and people protected by the secret service.

The VIP terminal, with private chauffeured transportation across the tarmac to the commercial flight, is an alternative to chartering a private jet, especially for international travel.

The Private Suite