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Have you noticed how WiFi at LAX…is terrible? That’s about to change. LAX plans to do a 1.5 million dollar overhaul to fix its WiFi problem. It will supposedly increase the speed and quality of its free WiFi.

Here is what’s planned:

LAX’s internet will soon boast of speeds of about 5 megabits per second—or four times faster than existing Internet for those who don’t get the megabit thing (like us).

Passengers will have a cap of 45 minutes of free internet use, but they can log on as many times as they like.

Passengers will see a static or video ad before logging on (oh joy), but the ad will not last longer than 30 seconds.

Passengers may also opt for paid access. There will be two options. One for 10 megabits the other for 20 megabits.  Pricing has not been set yet.

The new internet will be available in most public areas,

Drawback:The only problem may be if too many users are logged on at the same time, the system may slow down.

Here is how LAX’s Internet will compare with other Airports:


Free 6 mbps (which is fast)

No cap on free minutes

No Ads

Available in gate areas, ticket lobbies, baggage claim and parking garages

Drawback: Occasionally the system slows


Dallas/Fort Worth

Free 10 mbps (which is super fast) from network provider AT&T

40 minute cap on free use

User needs to watch one ad (no longer than 30 seconds) every 40 minutes

Available in all 5 DFW terminals as well as parking garages and curbside

Drawback: Sometimes uses hit slow patches which the airport blames on something in the atmosphere

Phoenix Sky Harbor

Free access up to 5 mbps

Passengers can use it for 24 hours

Users have to watch a 15 second ad

There is paid access, up to 15 mbps is $2.95 per hour. $6.5 per 24 hours.

It’s available in all terminals, most retail and restaurant areas and near gates. Also available in lobby of car rental places

San Francisco

Free access up to 3 mbps

No cap on free minutes

No ads

Available in all passenter terminals and rental car center

Drawback: The system tends to lag when there are a lot of users

Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta

Free access speed: 5 mbps

No cap on free minutes

No ads

No paid access

Available everywhere in the terminal complex

Drawback: The system sometimes overloads


Free access speed between 5 mbps and 20 mbps (super super fast)

Passengers get 30 minutes for free

Sometimes travelers have to watch 10-15 seconds of a video before being able to skip ad and use the Wi-Fi

No paid access

Available in all public areas

Drawback: The Internet works well except for during “major Internet events” like the Super Bowl and World Cup