After a nationwide study, it has been determined that Los Angeles traffic is bad, but not the worst. (It’s not?!) with the average Angelino spending 80 hours in traffic in 2014 according to a report by Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Inrix—a traffic data company. 80 hours. Yikes!

First prize for traffic goes to Washington DC, with an average Washingtonian spending 82 hours in traffic in 2014.

Do you feel as disappointed as we do? We lost by a mere 10 minutes per month to Washington DC. We demand a recount!

How did Texas A&M and Inrix come up with these results? By analyzing data from loop detectors embedded in the freeway systems of 100 of the biggest cities highways. In LA they also compared travel times and delays on major surface streets.

The consolation prize is that Los Angeles still has 11 or the 25 worst spots like the 101 heading south from Woodland Hills to downtown.

Five more fun facts:

1. The most traffic-y hour of the week in Los Angeles is 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Wednesdays. (Hmmm our experience says it’s Thursday afternoons northbound on the 405)

2. The average person spends 6 days a year in traffic.

3. Los Angeles still wins the rush hour traffic prize with commuters spending 43% longer on the road in rush hour compared to off peak times.

4. Traffic delays cost Angelenos an average of $1,711 per year in lost wages and productivity.

5. The number one complaint of our chauffeurs is…traffic.