So you heard about LAX upgrading its Wi-Fi. We did a little research to put all of that internet speed stuff in context.

LAX is planning an overhaul of its internet (see our blog about it in July). LAX’s new, free Wi-Fi service is expected to have a speed of 5 mbps. It will be on par with the free service at airports like Phoenix and Atlanta.

“Mbps” for those like us who don’t really pay attention to that stuff, means download speed. Just because some don’t really pay attention to mbps speeds doesn’t mean they don’t want fast downloads.

Here is how it all breaks down:

2-4 mbps is fast enough for casual Web surfing like checking email. It is not recommended for video streaming.

4-6 mbps is good for Web surfing. It’s pretty much fast enough for high-def video downloads—if you can wait 20 minutes.

6-10 mbps equals excellent Web-surfing and is usually fast enough to stream higher def videos

10-20 mbps is for the hard core internet user. Fast surfing and fast downloads.

20 or more mbps is for the multiple application user. This is great for business reasons and, we guess, for anyone who is really bored at the airport and wants to multi-apps. (multi-task J)