We are enamored with Messy Nessy Chic a travel related blog. Here is why:

Eclectic to say the least, this travel blog site is one that first pulls you in with its enticing menu categories like Don’t Be a Tourist, Inspiration Vault, Life is Messy and Nostalgia. Click on any of them and the drop down menu makes you feel like you’re Alice about to make a trip into Wonderland. Under the Inspiration Vault check out “Teeny Tiny Stuff” and you’ll be taken to stories about…well…the teeny tiny…literally. Find out about unique tiny finds like a miniature mermaid’s dollhouse and the tiniest antique shop in Paris located on the side of The Eglise Saint Roch.

The blog is Paris-centric, the author residing in Paris. You will get stories about the tango scene on the Seine as well as in insider’s guide to where to eat and where to go if you want to experience Paris like a local.  There are plenty of stories about other places too. Want to read a story about a male beauty contest in the Sahara? Just click on the “Fashion for Dummies” tab under Life is Messy.

Over all this is a blog that is messy in the best sense of the word. It’s a collection of delicious quirkiness and tangents, loosely bound by an author’s curiosity.