How would you like to make your Paris stay match your personal style? There is a new website that allows you to pick the type of lodging experience you would like to have in Paris. Whether you’re sights are set on an elegant experience or an artsy one, has your back. Peruse and choose from any one of the nine “lifestyle” breakdowns:









Paris Garden

The in-house travel experts at visit each hotel listed. They photograph the rooms and gather information as well as pricing. The prices range from $200 per night to $1000 per night, but the average is within the $250 and $500 range.

If you would like an idea of hotel locations simply push the “All hotel rooms” tab and the website will give you a map of Paris and a list of “pins” of hotel locations you can play with.

Currently the list contains 300 boutique hotel rooms to choose from. That will increase to 500 by the end of the year. also has plans to launch this search tool for London and Rome.

There is also a feature on the website that allows you to search rooms using 125 criteria.

How magnifique!