You may need to add this one to your bucket list especially if you are a discerning, adventurous foodie. Try dinner at Sublimotion, a “dining experience” at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza Spain. This restaurant is being touted as the most expensive restaurant in the world. It costs over about $2500 per person! But it’s more than just the food. This is a fantastical, multi media, multi sensual, theatrical gastronomic show conceived by famous chef Paco Roncero. Here’s an overview:  A group of 12 diners is welcomed into the special Sublimotion world with edible tickets and a fruity“pill” (think Matrix blue pill vs. red pill scene). Diners spend the next three hours tantalizing their taste buds and other senses with the 20 course meal and multi media show.

Some highlights:

1. Diners get to harvest their own salad from vegetable gardens.

2. During the “carnival” section diners are presented with miniature hot dogs delivered by balloon.

3. Inside a garden of waterfalls diners search for the magical mushroom soup.

4. Seafood cooked in its own juices is presented in moodily lighted conch shells.

5. Waiters and waitresses perform choreographed dances.

6. Another pill–this time nitro frozen olive oil.

7. Wine and cocktails are matched perfectly with each dish.

8. Dessert is served twice and involves chocolate and levitating plates.

That’s just the meal. Remember you’re vacationing in Ibiza, Spain too.


We’ll be there for you with a luxury sedan or SUV when you touch down at LAX—sated with a great story to tell…and maybe a doggie bag.