la closet

How does NOT unpacking after you arrive at your destination sound? We’ve found a suitcase that acts as a hanging mobile closet. Take a look at LAMove Mobile Closet which is basically a suitcase that can be hung on a sturdy hook in a hotel room. It has several compartments and shelves to keep all of your clothing, shoes and accessories organized and ready to wear.

Here’s how it works: There is an internal wall that backs some built in cantilevered shelves, pockets and pouches. The “shelves”, which open when you release a strap, work for folded items such as sweaters and pants. Two molded pockets can hold undergarments and t-shirts. Wider molded pockets hold up to two pairs of shoes. Sections zip off for toiletries and jewelry.

Behind the “wall” is a full-length hanging garment compartment with a hanger ring and elastic straps for keeping dresses and suits in place and wrinkle free. The entire “wall” can be unzipped from the hard outer case and folded in half, zipped closed and carried separately.   The whole suitcase measures 21×14.5×9 and comes in black or grey.