If you’re traveling to Paris why not take a day trip to the Palace of Versailles—and spend the night? There are rumors that a luxury hotel is in the works to be located just outside the gates of The Palace of Versailles.

It’s history:

The Palace of Versailles was built in 1623 by Louis XIII to be used as a hunting lodge. Another Louis–Louis XVI decided to expand it by adding 3 new wings made of stone surrounding the original building. A second phase expansion happened between 1678 and 1715. Louis XVI eventually proclaimed it his main residence and gave rooms to most of his courtiers—and his consort Maria Theresa of Spain. Later he built a theatre “The Opera” for Dauphin (the future Louis XVII) and Marie Antionette. Marie Antoinette did her own renovations. Then came The French Revolution and we know what happened to poor Marie.

After The French Revolution the palace fell into disrepair. In 1820 it was restored by Louis XVIII. It became a museum in 1833.

Now that a hotel is in the works, imagine spending a night or two as Marie Antionette and Napoleon Bonaparte once did. On second thought, maybe those aren’t the best references.        .